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Giant Store Chelmsford is pleased to be able to offer a bike fitting sevice. Here's everything you need to know...

The importance of a bike fit

Cycling in pain or discomfort over time can lead to injury and potentially a long lay off from cycling. Perfecting your position will not only ensure that you are more comfortable enabling you to spend more time on your bike but you will become faster due to improving aerodynamics and power output.

Introducing our bike fitter - Nick Lyons

Nick is an exceptionally passionate cyclist who started his cycling life at the age of 12 in 1979, with the Chelmer Cycling Club. He made rapid progress and within 2 years had smashed the club's schoolboy time trial records, one of which still stands today. He then went on to thrive at schoolboy circuit and track racing and attracted the attention of Anglia Sport Peugeot one of the country's best cycling teams and was offered a place on the squad.

Nick continued to improve into his late teens and achieved good results in national road races. Unfortunately a crash related injury ended his racing days. 

Nick returned to cycle racing in his 30's and for several years trained 6 days a week averaging well over 200 miles. Within six months Nick had already experienced saddle discomfort, back, neck, knee, iliotibial band, hand and foot pain and this was even after his previous cycling experience. His frustration lead a quest to a perfect a pain free cycling position. The most popular saddles were tried, different shaped handle bars, length stems, pedals, gloves, shoes and footbeds were experimented with. He developed a micro feel which lead to finding the perfect set up but it took hundreds of hours. 

How Nick can help

It is with this wealth of experience that Nick can help you to perfect your position, whilst saving you immense time, trouble and expense. Nick has been providing a bike fitting service since 2013, runs an outdoor fitness business and has great experience with assessing flexibility, strength and symmetry. Whether you are a recreation/fitness rider, sportive rider, road racer, time trialist, triathlete or mountain biker Nick can help. 

Biomechanical assessment

Nick will make a cycling specific, biomechanical assessment including foot structure and cycling shoe fit, overall symmetry, leg length discrepancy, general standing posture, lower trapezius strength, core strength, sit bone width and lower back, gluteal and hamstring flexibility.  Existing injuries and/or any medical conditions will be discussed and taken into consideration. 

Video observation

During the bike fit you will be videoed cycling in order to view before and after footage and make comparisons. Nick can video you with his own device but recommends that he uses your device (smart phone, tablet or video recorder) so that you have immediate footage to take away. Observation will include leg extension, pedal stroke, Q-factor, knee and hip alignment, neck and shoulder tension, spine and arm extension in all potential hand grip positions and hand pressure. 

Requirements for your bike fit

For your bike fit appointment you will need your bike, cycling shoes and to wear a well fitting, tight cycling jersey and shorts. It is vital that you are thoroughly warmed up before the bike fitting takes place as your body will become more flexible. This will involve reasonably rigorous cycling for approximately 10 minutes on a turbo trainer. Your current riding/training frequency and cycling objectives will be discussed too. 

Bike adjustments and other recommendations

Adjustments will be made as necessary and will include cleat setting, saddle set up, handlebars, stem and brake/gear shifter positioning and possible component change recommendation to maximise comfort. Measurements can be taken if required in order for your bike fit dimensions to be transferred on to any other bikes that you may possess. Off the bike exercises and stretches may be recommended to help counteract and manage any physical weaknesses you may suffer from.

Complete after service

To ensure that your new bike position works for you and for feedback that Nick values immensely, you are welcome to contact him, free of charge, to discuss your progress as often as you wish. 

Making an appointment and price

To make an appointment please contact Nick on 07976 674596. The bike fitting will take approximately 2 hours and the cost is £80.00. 

Nick perfecting Alistair Henning's position. Alistair achieved 25th place in the 2017 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Rotterdam on his new Trinity Advanced Pro 0.